Fundraising for Petaluma Quilt Guild

The Ways and Means Committee is currently planning to sell items at craft fairs for 2022 during the Holiday Season.

We are asking members to help us with sewing the following items



— We want to require Insul-brite in our potholders but with our short time frame, if you do not have insulbrite, please use wool or cotton batting.

— Add a hanging loop (preferable)

— Size between 8” – 10”

— Bright cheery colors – not too many of the same design/color

— A set of two is nice to have, consider making two at the same time, they don’t need to be identical, but could have the same colors, fabrics, or  theme.

— Orphan blocks make a great potholder!

There are many free quilt patterns online. Here are a few:

Dog Bandanas

Please use bright, beautiful, cute/novelty fabrics. Sports team fabrics encouraged too.

Baby Lovies

Have a bit of leftover minky fabric? Make a quick and easy Baby Lovie!