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Lynn Wilder “Geography of a Quilt”

Lynn has been quilting for 20 years and teaching quilting for the last seven years. Seven years ago she started her own pattern company called Sew’n Wild Oaks. She has designed 17 patterns, and one resource manual called Patchwork Math. She was the featured artist at the quilt show in Georgetown, CA in the fall of 2012 and 2013. She completed a taping for an episode of The Quilt show.com which will air on February 16, 2015, episode #1604.   Recently she was asked to design quilts for Marcus Brother’s fabrics. She enjoys designing and making traditional quilts, combining her love of appliqué with pieced blocks.

Lynn’s  background is Geography. Prior to her retirement, she was a Geographic Information Systems Analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This is a fancy way to say she was a cartographer with a twist. She mapped then analyzed data collected by scientists around the world. Sometimes she would only have a 30-second flash of a viewgraph to get her point across….using color and symbology.

Her knowledge and use of color transferred directly to the quilting world. Her lecture compares the similarities between quilting and mapping.  It’s a humorous talk about growing up in Paradise and her round-about journey to becoming a designer of quilts. She tells her story through her quilts, so it’s a full trunk show with a story attached.

She has a well-established blog http://sewnwildoaks.blogspot.com where she shares her current and past projects, classes she’s teaching, recipes, quilting tutorials and other good stuff!